Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Consultant Laryngologist

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon

Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Consultant Laryngologist. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon

Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi is an innovative, experienced and respected consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon. He specialises in adult and paediatric laryngology (medicine focusing on the voice box). He treats many throat disorders, including airway stenosis (narrowing of the windpipe), voice disorders, swallowing difficulties in adults and children, obstructive sleep apnoea, and much more. He also has a specialist interest in voice feminisation surgery.

Mr Al Yagchi completed his higher surgical training in London North Thames regional rotation, where he worked at some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the country. These include Charing Cross Hospital, University College London Hospital and Royal London Hospital.

Mr Al Yaghchi is highly decorated. He holds a PhD in Molecular Oncology from Queen Mary’s University of London, where he researched unique ways to treat head and neck cancer with oncolytic viruses as immunotherapy. He runs an active clinical research program in voice, airway and swallowing disorders, and is a founding member of the British Laryngological Association, where he is the Associate Treasurer. Mr Al Yaghchi is also the Vice President of the Royal Society of Medicine Laryngology and Rhinology Section.

His adult NHS practice is part of both the National Centre for Airway Reconstruction and Imperial Voice and Swallowing Centre, based at Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He is an honorary consultant at The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, where he treats children with complex airway and swallowing conditions.

Transgender healthcare

Mr Al Yaghchi developed a special interest in transgender healthcare during his time working in close proximity to the Gender Identity Clinic in London. He went on to introduce a number of voice feminisation procedures to the UK. This included his own modification to the Wendler Glottoplasty technique, which has since become the preferred method for voice feminisation.

Through his pioneering work in the field of gender affirmation surgery, Mr Al Yagchi has been able to help a significant number of trans women to achieve a voice which more accurately reflects their gender identity.



"My voice had always been a major contributor towards my dysphoria. As someone who uses my voice for my job, this was an added dilemma. I would actively avoid having to speak, if it wasn’t work related. Or I’d get my wife to do the talking if we were out etc. I had made some progress with vocal therapy but the sessions and regular practice and exercises clashed with my work life. Surgery is not for everyone but I knew it was for me. Mr Al Yaghchi quite literally changed everything. From the initial consultation where he took the time to assess my voice and go through everything with me, to the surgery and the post-operative care, the whole experience has been simply amazing and so incredibly inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. I cannot thank Mr Al Yaghchi and his team enough for giving me confidence and my freedom."

"The care I received was second to none and following recovery, the results have been life-changing and better than I could have imagined. My voice sounds exactly like it should and since surgery, I have been able to give presentations at work to a large audience and have conversations in a public place without worrying about how I sound when simple things like answering the phone or even the door could cause huge levels of anxiety previously. I can't thank Mr Al Yaghchi and his team enough for the kindness and respect shown to me, and of course, the amazing result!"

"I was very impressed with the speed that from my initial enquiry to booking my first consultation. Within a few weeks it was the morning of my surgery. All of the team at the One Welbeck where amazing.  Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi explained what he was going to achieve during the surgery. And post-surgery came to see me and reassure me. It was reassuring to have two post-surgery consultation with Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi in the months following my surgery to reduce my worries. The operation has been truly life changing. "


Practice Locations

Mr Al Yaghchi practices at a number of clinics throughout West and Central London, including the prestigious Harley Street. In addition to his clinical expertise and quality care, Mr Al Yaghchi offers the latest cutting edge treatments and state of the art equipment at each of his clinics.

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